Got COVID or were exposed to it? Here’s what to do

COVID Exposure Tree

We know that it can be complicated navigating what you should do if you or your child has COVID symptoms or if you’ve come in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID. We’ve created this chart to help guide you as you make decisions on what to do.

As always, call our office at 720-284-3700 if you have any questions.

First: What is an exposure to COVID19?

You must be in contact with a person for >15 minutes and within 6 ft

What’s the difference between Quarantine and Isolation?

These two words sound the same – but the guidelines are different. 

Quarantine: is when you Question if you have active COVID19.

Quarantine helps prevent spread of disease that can occur before a person knows they are sick or if they are infected with the virus without feeling symptoms. This follows close exposure to someone who has an active COVID19 infection. 

New CDC guidelines for people who people who remain asymptomatic after exposure:

  1. Quarantine 10 days from last contact to the positive person if asymptomatic and no test is performed.
  2. Quarantine 7 days from last contact to the positive person if asymptomatic and has negative test on day 5-7. A PCR or rapid test can be performed. Should test via PCR on day 5 or 6 at Children’s or rapid test on day 7 in office at Peds West.
  3. Move from Quarantine to Isolation if test result is positive but patient remains asymptomatic. Isolate 10 days from the last date of positive result

New CDC guidelines for people who are symptomatic after exposure: 

  1. If symptomatic after positive exposure quarantine for 10 days. During this 10 day Quarantine period you should be COVID19 tested at onset of symptoms or after. 
  1. Move from Quarantine to Isolation if test result is positive. Isolate 10 days from symptoms and call a PW triage nurse to discuss measures for other household members. 

Isolation: when you’re sick or tested positive with COVID19

Isolation is when you are Sick with COVID19 or have a positive COVID19 test. We break down the guidelines for each and how long they last below.

Remember, we are here to help you navigate through any COVID exposure or symptoms, so please call and speak with a triage nurse if you have any questions.

Isolation again is to help prevent spread of disease when actively sick.

Isolation ends when that individual is: 

  1. At least 10 days since symptoms first appeared or if asymptomatic it is 10 days from your test
  2. At least 24 hours with no fever without fever reducing medications taken
  3. Symptoms are improved


– If you have a positive COVID19 PCR on October 1, and you are asymptomatic, your isolation is over October 11.

– If you are symptomatic starting October 1, you receive a COVID19 PCR test October 2 and it is positive, then your symptoms are improved on October 5 and your fever is gone, then the earliest your isolation is over would be October 11.

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