Why We Support Children Returning to School

We at Pediatrics West fully support children returning to in-person school at this point in the pandemic.  Of course, individual families may still weigh the risks differently based on their own situations.  There is growing evidence that schools, especially elementary and middle schools, are not high-risk conditions for significant spread with the appropriate mitigation strategies in place.  Children in school appear more likely to get infected with COVID-19 in their communities than they are to get it in school.  With proper mitigation strategies—social distancing and mask wearing—students, teachers and staff reduce their risk of COVID-19 infection and spread.

We encourage parents to advocate on behalf of their children to their school districts to consider returning to in-person learning. 

Here are some helpful resources: 

Charting Pediatrics (from the Children’s Hospital Colorado) podcast episode 1/22/21


NY Times Articles:

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CDC Officials Say Evidence Indicates Schools Can Reopen If Precautions are Taken

CDC school re-opening guidance and data



Journal of the American Medical Association report on COVID risk in schools


Children’s Hospital Philadelphia’s Policy Lab resources


From the University of Minnesota


Colorado Health Institute, Strategy for Schools paper


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