Make the Most of Your Child’s Well Child Checkup

Your child’s annual well-child checkup is your opportunity to help set up your child to thrive and be healthy for the upcoming year. 

This once-a-year appointment isn’t just about growth charts, vaccine records, and getting school health forms. It’s about making sure your child is healthy and developing properly, as well catching any problems early. 

But, it’s also your chance to ask questions and get advice on various health topics, such as nutrition, sleep, education, behavior, or mental health. 

To help you make the most of these appointments, we have some tips to share. 

Get Records in Advance If Your Child is a New Patient

If you are a new patient at Pediatrics West, you can help us have a more effective visit if you are able to have your child’s medical records sent over in advance. This is especially important if your child has any medical conditions or a medical history.

You can request records in advance by filling out this record release form and giving it to your previous medical provider.

ECheck-in Before Your Appointment 

You can save yourself time and the stress of trying to fill out paperwork in our office by using Pediatrics West’s ECheck-in process.

A couple days before your appointment, you’ll receive an email from MyChart saying you have a message. Once you log on to MyChart, it will ask you to E-Check in to your appointment. From there you can update your demographic information, upload insurance cards, and complete any documents in advance. 

Prep Your Child in Advance for the Doctor’s Office Visit

Some kids love coming to the doctor, and others can be nervous. It’s helpful for kids to know what to expect in advance before visiting our office.

For young children, here’s some ideas to help prepare them for their visit: 

For bigger kids, talk to them about what to expect, including what the exam will be like, if they can expect to get shots, and that they can ask questions if they have them.

Make a List of Questions or Concerns in Advance 

It’s not uncommon to forget what you wanted to ask your child’s provider when you’re at the actual appointment. 

We recommend writing down your questions or concerns in advance and bringing it to the appointment. A good way to do this is to create note on your phone so you don’t forget the list at home.

Write down your questions and make notes about any changes you’ve noticed about your child’s health.

Who Should Go To the Doctors Appointment 

It’s best if a parent goes with the child to the doctor appointment, instead of a grandparent or other caregiver.

Also, while not always possible, it’s best not to bring other children with you so you can focus entirely on the child having the well-child checkup.

Show Up 10 Minutes Before Your Appointment 

Even if you ECheck-in, we sometimes have other paperwork for you to fill out. By arriving early, you’re giving yourself time to fill out the paperwork before the appointed begins. 

Take Notes

We will send you home with a printout of information, but you may still find it helpful to take notes on some of the topics we cover. 

If you don’t understand instructions given to you, such as for medication, treatments, or follow-up appointments, ask the nurse or doctor before you leave. 

Encourage Kids to Ask Questions 

Encouraging your children to ask their providers questions can teach them from an early age to take part in their medical care. This can help them feel more comfortable at the appointment and to teach them to take responsibility for their health. 

This becomes even more important as your child becomes older. Starting at age 12, your provider will ask you to leave the room so they can speak to your child privately. We may cover topics they may be embarrassed to bring up in front of their parents, like puberty, high-risk behavior, menstruation, and birth control.  

Book Your Well Child Checkup

Keep your child’s health on track and book your well-child checkup at Pediatrics West via MyChart or by calling our office at 720-284-3700. 

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