Laboratory Testing

We provide laboratory testing in our office. Click to learn more.

At Pediatrics West, we offer routine laboratory testing when your child is sick or when we need additional insights into your child’s health. We know having lab samples taken, such as blood tests, can be scary or stressful for kids. Our staff is compassionate and works to put your child at ease during this process.

We’ve listed below some of our most common tests we offer. Please contact us if there is a laboratory test not listed that you would like done for your child.


A urinalysis is a diagnostic test performed on a urine sample. Not only can a urinalysis provide insights about your child’s overall health, but it can also indicate more specific conditions.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test

Complete blood count testing is a fairly standard assessment that is made to gain additional insight about a variety of conditions that can affect your child’s blood cells or other components of their blood.

Flu and RSV Testing

Influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are both extremely common conditions that pediatricians all across Littleton & Wheat Ridge often treat during the cold winter months. Both of these illnesses can be treated easily, though if left untreated will likely result in severe complications.

Pediatric Strep Throat Screening & Treatment

Kids and adults alike are all susceptible to strep throat. This highly contagious disease comes from a bacteria called group A Streptococcus.

Additional Testing includes:

  • Anemia Screen
  • Vision and Hearing Screen
  • Lead Screen
  • Spirometry

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