Teen and Adolescent Health

( 13 - 21 years old )

Navigating the teen years can be a challenge for both teens and parents. As your child hits puberty and becomes a young adult, they will go through major physical, psychological, and social development, and they need support and reassurance through the changes they experience.

At Pediatrics West, we understand the changes your teen will go through, and we are here to make this transition as easy and as healthy as possible. We also know how important it is to encourage healthy behaviors and habits at this age since those habits often continue as they become an adult.

What to Expect at a Well Visit

We recommend an annual well visit to help teens maintain healthy habits and avoid health-damaging behaviors, prevent disease, and detect conditions that could affect a teen’s physical, mental, and social development.

At your teen’s well visits, our providers will discuss many of the common health concerns teens have, such as acne, sexually transmitted infections, vaping, and depression. Our goal is to prepare them for the challenges and questions they may face.

We recommend and encourage health-promoting behaviors, such as a healthy diet, physical activity, avoiding substance abuse, healthy sexuality, and supporting family connections and communication.

A comprehensive well exam includes:

  • A physical exam
  • Any recommended immunizations
  • Health screening
  • Developmental assessment
  • Oral health assessment
  • Referral for specialized care if necessary

Contact our office to schedule your teen’s annual well visit today.

Immunization Schedule

Recommended Vaccines

Teen Sexual and Reproductive Health Care

We provide age-appropriate evaluation and treatment of sexual and reproductive health needs for adolescents and teens that include:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of painful or irregular menses
  • Contraception services (oral contraceptives, Depo Provera and Nexplanon)
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Well woman care
  • Resources and referrals to other specialists as needed
  • Confidential consults*

Mental Health

Adolescents and teens often face many emotional and social changes. Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, drug abuse, and anger are just some of the health concerns parents often contact us about.

Your teen’s mental health is important to us, so we provide access to individual and family outpatient counseling services. We refer our patients to a clinician from Jefferson Center for Mental Health who works onsite in our office. For more information, visit our Mental Health Services page.


While we encourage open communication between all of our adolescents and their parents as a way to foster healthy development and relationships, as health care professionals we must also make sure we are following state and federal law.

According to state and federal regulations, adolescent minors (under age 18) have a right to confidentiality in the following cases:

  • Request for testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections
  • Request for testing and treatment for drug addiction
  • Request for testing and treatment for certain mental health issues
  • If they are legally married
  • If they are financially independent and living apart from parents

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