Dr. Fudge-Erickson


From Cincinnati, OH

Knows English

Practicing for 35 years

Graduated from Wright State University

Location Both

About Susan Fudge-Erickson MD

Dr. Susan Fudge-Erickson was born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio, where she attended Wittenberg University and obtained a degree in plant biology. She then attended Wright State University, where she received her medical degree. It was there that she met her husband of 29 years, Mark Erickson MD. In August 1995, they moved to Denver, Colorado and have built practices since then. Dr. Susan is the mother of two wonderful sons, Tyler and Cooper, and two rambunctious labs, Rascal and Buck. In Her spare time, Dr. Susan is very active in an organization called Hello Ghana, which strives to provide a better future for the poor children in Ghana. She loves to read, hike, ski, camp and run Tough Mudders (with her sisters and her best friend since kindergarten!) Board certified in Pediatrics, Dr. Susan is playful and nurturing towards both children and parents.

“Allowing children to see different options is a life-long gift! I am blessed to be part of families’ lives, and smile when I am able to make things just a little easier.

I also take pride in the disease prevention aspect of my job. When I graduated from Medical School, we were still battling many of the diseases that are now under control, such as Haemophilus influenzae type B. This disease is largely unseen due to our vaccines that start at two months. Vaccine-preventable diseases remain a huge priority for both myself and my practice, for these diseases are killers, and should not be allowed to roar back into our community.

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Why I am a Pediatric Provider?

My job is the best job ever. I have the opportunity to impact a family’s life for the better, at so many points in time! I try to provide a way to change this crazy world’s impossible call for perfection that leads to such stress: starting at birth when parents feel like they have to do things the “one right way,” and continuing to later years when we work with young kids on skills and how to answer to “mean girls” or even their older sibling who is calling them names.

Fun Fact

I love competing in Tough Mudders, and the wilder the roller coaster the better!!

Favorite childhood toy

We were very poor growing up, so my brother and three sisters were my toys! We played everything together, including kick the can, tag, hide and seek, etc. We drew pictures and told stories and used our imaginations a lot! Made mud pies that I think we even ate? They were the best toys ever.

Favorite trail in Colorado

The Barr Trail

Favorite outdoor activity

Hiking. I used to run marathons until I tore my meniscus skiing. Now I hike and walk my dogs every chance I get.

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