Physician's Assistant

From Golden, Colorado

Knows English

Practicing for 16 years

Graduated from University of North Dakota

Location Littleton

About Carol Von Michaelis, PA-C

Carol grew up in Golden from the age of 4, her parents are from South Africa. She got into medicine after becoming a volunteer firefighter during her last semester in high school. She enjoyed being a firefighter, but really enjoyed helping people on the ambulance, so she got her EMT. Once she realized that medicine was something she was very passionate about, she went to Regis University where she got her Bachelor of Nursing and worked as a nurse in a variety of settings. Shen continued to want to learn and do more, so she went the University of North Dakota and got her PA-C. As a PA she has worked in a variety of settings including Denver Health internal medicine, correctional medicine, teaching but mostly in pediatrics. During her time at Denver Health, she realized she wanted to help influence community health which motivated her to get her PhD in Community Health Promotion/Public Health. In medicine she has worked in rural Haiti, many reservations and has done a lot of volunteer work. She has worked in primary care pediatrics since 2015 and wanted to bring the highest level of care to her patients and so got a PA specialty designation in pediatrics in 2021. She was also recognized as the PA of the Year in 2021. When not working in medicine she runs a community farm that promotes individual and community wellness through connection with each other, nature and animals. She enjoys mountain biking, skiing, hiking, riding horses and photography. She has a 12-year-old daughter who is very involved in 4-H, horses and poultry.

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Why I am a Pediatric Provider?

I wanted to help influence community health which motivated me to get my PhD in Community Health Promotion/Public Health.

Favorite cartoon?


Favorite outdoor activity

Mountain biking, skiing, hiking and riding horses

Favorite trail in Colorado

Elk Meadow meadow loop

Fun Fact

I was a volunteer firefighter

Favorite childhood toy

My stuffed animal -Fluffy

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