Mental Health Therapist

From Denver, CO

Knows English

Practicing for 5 years

Graduated from University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Location Both

About Jessica Glass

Jessica grew up in the Denver Metro area. She moved to Lincoln, Nebraska for college and loved it, graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with both her Bachelors and Masters degrees. After graduation, she moved back to Denver to be closer to family and work as an Intensive In-Home therapist. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Jessica is passionate about working with kids and families, looking at challenges through a systemic lens rather than an individual in isolation. She is excited to work as the new Behavioral Health Coordinator at Pediatrics West and working within the medical system to provide mental health support to kids and families through increased access to care. Jessica recently got married in November 2023 and has been spending time with her husband, Drew and their dog Molly. When not working, Jessica enjoys reading, watching movies, and spending time outside.

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Why I am a Pediatric Provider?

To help kids have a space where they can feel heard and listened to.

Favorite cartoon?

Spongebob Squarepants

Favorite outdoor activity

Hiking or swimming

Favorite trail in Colorado

I like to try new ones!

Fun Fact

I've visited Bali, Indonesia and hiked the active volcano there (Mt. Batur)

Favorite childhood toy

My Teddy Bear

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