COVID-19 Vaccine Update

As many of you are aware, initial COVID vaccines are starting to be available for children between ages 5-11. Kids 12 and older have been eligible for months. We are giving COVID vaccines to all these age groups now in our offices.

Providers showing their COVID-19 vaccine cards

Can my child get the vaccine?

Below we have outlined the information based on age. If you child does qualify to receive the vaccine please be sure to download and complete the COVID-19 Vaccination Consent Form

Children 12 years old and up

In Colorado, children 12 and older are now eligible for the Pfizer COVID vaccine (hopefully, others will also be approved soon). Covid-19 vaccinations are available at both offices by appointment only. These will be conducted during our well child checks as well as in nurse clinics by appointment. Please call if your child is eligible and we will get them scheduled.

Children 5 to 11 years old

We have begun administering the COVID-19 vaccine to kids ages 5-11, and we have a COVID vaccine reserved for your child. The Pfizer COVID vaccine has been approved for emergency use in 5-11 year olds by the FDA and has been recommended by the CDC for school-age kids. It is given at a smaller dose (1/3 of the adult dose) with a 2nd dose 3+ weeks later. Pediatrics West recommends getting your children immunized. These are also being given by appointment at our COVID vaccine clinics or at routine well child visits.

Please continue to watch for ongoing updates from our office.

Children 0 to 4 years old

Since the younger children are ineligible for vaccination, we continue to mask in our clinics and practice social distancing.

What is the COVID-19 Immunization dose for 5-11 year old?

The recommended dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine for 5-11 yr olds is 1/3 the dose for older kids and adults. This dose difference in not at all based on weight or height or BMI, but entirely based on age. This is no different than other vaccines, for which we don’t give a smaller dose based on size, but change doses or formulations based on age only.

Pediatrics West recommends following the FDA and CDC guidelines for immunizing your child against COVID. If they are under 12, we’d use the smaller dose. If they are 12 or older, we’d use the larger dose.

Should my child get a booster?

Currently COVID booster immunizations are now recommended for all children over 5:

  1. Any child over 12 is now eligible for a booster shot in Colorado and should get a booster 5 months after their 2nd shot.
  2. Boosters of the Pfizer vaccine have now been approved for all children 5 and up. They can get a booster any time after 5 months from their 2nd shot.


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Should breastfeeding moms get the vaccine?

Many of the questions we have received are about whether a breastfeeding mom should get the vaccine. There is no “biological plausibility” as to any reason why this would be a problem for the infant, and thus no contraindication to a mom getting a COVID vaccine. It is also felt to be safe for pregnant women (and beneficial in providing protection to their baby once born), but this should be discussed with your OB/GYN.

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5-11 year olds approved for Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine additional dose


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