Our New Integrated Behavioral Health Program

Pediatrics West has launched a new Integrated Behavioral Health program to provide better whole-person health within our office.

Pediatrics West is always looking for ways to better serve our patients and families. Recently, Colorado passed House Bill 1302 to support the integration of behavioral health with primary care within the state. Pediatrics West applied for the program and was one of only a few practices selected to receive grant funding for its proposal.

With this funding, Pediatrics West has been able to hire an integrated behavioral health provider. Also, it gives medical providers an opportunity to access behavioral health continuing education and training.

What is Integrated Behavioral Health? 

Integrated Behavioral Health is considered the gold standard in health care. It’s a collaborative approach that combines mental health and primary care services to address the holistic needs of patients. 

In this model, behavioral health professionals work closely with primary care providers. Together, they deliver comprehensive care that considers both the physical and psychological needs of their patients. It emphasizes early intervention, preventative care, and personalized treatment plans that are tailored to each patient.

Studies have shown that Integrated Behavioral Health results in:

  • Better patient outcomes
  • More responsive care
  • Lower health care costs
  • Improved provider and patient satisfaction

Pediatrics West’s New Integrated Behavioral Health Program

Pediatrics West’s new program augments the mental health community partnerships our practice already has in place, such as the Jefferson Center for Mental Health that shares our office. 

With our new program, Pediatrics West has hired an on-staff integrated behavioral health therapist. This will provide many new benefits to our patients and their families: 

Getting Help Right Away

For kids that need mental health services, there is often a several-week wait to see a therapist, or even longer for more specialized help. Our new therapist will support our patients and their families in-house as we work as a team to connect patients to longer-term or specialized care from an outside mental health provider. 

Some patients may only need short-term support for a few weeks. Our on-staff therapist can work with the patient and family to provide therapy. Our therapist can also provide the tools and skills that can help patients and families for years to come. 

Covered by Insurance and Medicaid

Many mental health providers do not take insurance or Medicaid. For those that do, they often have very long wait lists. 

Services through our new Integrated Behavioral Health program are billable through both private insurance and Medicaid, which can make it more affordable for families. 

Making Mental Health Support More Approachable

There’s sometimes a stigma around receiving mental health services. Many kids can feel afraid or nervous, especially if they believe their feelings are “bad” or they are in trouble for their behavior. 

Our on-staff therapist can help kids get an idea of what therapy is like to hopefully alleviate any fears or stigmas around seeking treatment. 

Real-Time Collaboration with Primary Care Providers

When a patient meets with our therapist, a medical provider will also be available to check in on the patient and see if the patients needs medical management, such as medications. This cuts down on delays and gets the patient help right away. 

For patients receiving care from an outside mental health provider, our on-staff therapist can help coordinate that care between the mental health provider and their primary care provider at Pediatrics West without long delays in communication. 

How to Take Part in Pediatrics West’s Behavioral Health Program 

If you have a child who is struggling with their mental or behavioral health, your first step is to schedule a visit with your medical provider at Pediatrics West. 

At your appointment, we will screen your child to determine if the Integrated Behavioral Health program is right for them. If our program meets your child’s needs, our on-staff therapist will schedule your child’s follow-up before you leave the office. If the team determines your child would benefit from seeing an outside mental health provider, our on-staff therapist will help connect your child with the help they need.

Contact Us 

Contact our office if you have concerns about your child’s mental or behavioral health by calling (720) 284-3700. 

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