Mental Health Therapist

From Ann Arbor, MI

Knows English

Practicing for 8 years

Graduated from University of Illinois- Chicago

Location Wheat Ridge

About Annah Wisotzkey

Annah is a clinician with Jefferson Center for Mental Health who works on site at Pediatrics West. Annah is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who specializes in working with children, adolescents, and their families. She received her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Western Michigan University in 2010, where she specialized in providing therapy to children with Autism. After continuing to work in this field for several years, she went on to complete her Master of Social Work degree from University of Illinois- Chicago in 2016. She moved to Colorado that same year, and has been providing child and family therapy since then. Annah has particular passions for working with kids with developmental disabilities, as well as teenagers. She feels privileged to have the opportunity to be a part of kids’ lives as they grow up and find their own identity. Annah is trained in many different modalities of therapy and enjoys being able to provide a specialized, nonjudgmental approach to each individual’s unique circumstances. She loves living in Colorado, and you can often find her hanging out with her family, friends, and dog. She loves spending time outside in nature just as much as she enjoys being at home improving her baking skills!

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Why I am a Pediatric Provider?

I have always appreciated the opportunity to build meaningful connections with people, and to offer help in a way that is completely nonjudgmental and accepting. I have had many experiences throughout my own life that demonstrated the benefit that can come from therapy. I also grew up with a mom who is a therapist and showed me how rewarding it could be as a career choice. Because of my values and personality, coupled with my life experiences, I knew it was the right path for me.

Favorite cartoon?

I LOVED the Flintstones when I was a kid

Favorite outdoor activity

Hiking with my dog

Favorite trail in Colorado

Blue Lakes trail near Telluride

Fun Fact

The H on the end of my name came from my dad- he legally changed his name from John to Jon before I was born, and my parents decided to add that missing H to my name!

Favorite childhood toy

American girl dolls

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